Monday, 27 May 2013

On breaking that one golden rule

I used to have this rule... this rule that involved me never supporting a soccer team in my home country. Because, I hate soccer, I honestly think it is a stupid and boring sport. And, if I am going to be honest, I used to think that people who liked soccer and supported a team were kinda trashy. That being said. I had a lot of reason why not to support a soccer team. In my mind, supporting a team would come after I came up with a cure for cancer. It was just something was never meant to happen (not that a cure for cancer can't be achieved but should if be achieved I would be nowhere involved). 

I spent a total of 4 years with a guy who was a soccer fan. A thing that I found annoying. And through the course of our relationship I never once said or did anything to support his team. Why should I? It was his team. Not mine. Plus I was not trashy enough to give my support or even my attention to a soccer team... it was one of the things I seriously did not like about him and that I tried with all my might to disappear. I mean, real men like american football, don't they? 

Eventually, of course, we broke up.

 And eventually I hooked up with this new guy. This guy who was even more of a soccer fan than my ex. The type of person that talks as if he is part of the team saying things like: "We've been playing awesome lately." or "We are gonna win the next match." and even "We lost." 
He screams at the TV in frustration and in joy. He stands up every once in a while. And gets really upset when they lose. You know, a big kind of fan. 
It's crazy how I find all this described above as absolutely endearing.  So endearing, in fact, that I broke my one rule. Broke it, destroyed it, even when my brain was going all "Dude, we don't do shit like this remember?" I wore a team shirt. Not because I suddenly became a soccer fan... but because... I kinda wanted to show him that, though I think this peculiar sport is stupid, I like you enough to be supportive of your fandom.  Though I find it boring and could easily master sleep as I watch the match, I will watch it with you and pretend to be interested because you are. And, though I could not care less if your team wins or loses, I care that you care what happens. 

The team lost. Which was kind of sad because it was the final match of some cup and this team has been 2nd best for a lot of years and stuff.  Lost, yet, another championship. 
Now my guy is wearing the shirt of the team that won at work because he made a bet and I have a picture in my phone with both of us at the beginning of the match wearing matching  team shirts. 
Which, is a first for me. First time wearing matching team shirts with a guy. With any person really. Everyone at my house supports different football teams... so more often than not are wearing different shirts and fighting with each other. Which is what families are supposed to do, right? 

I guess it all comes down to the fact that, sometimes, with the right person beside you, you'll be willing to do all kinds of shit. Even break your golden rules. 

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