Wednesday, 29 May 2013

On a story...

"You surprise me. You are too damn amazing sometimes and others I just want to kick your ass for being so... stupid. Do you know that? Do you know that I am scared of how you are much more awesome than you are stupid? That the idea that you might not be that stupid terrifies me?Because I have no reasons to be evil to you? Which, makes me act out and be a bitch because I want you to be a jerk because it's scary just how nice you are... 
Do you know why I don't talk to you about serious stuff? Do you have any idea why I tell myself I can't trust you completely? Because you are too good. Too awesome and too perfect. And too nice to be with a girl like me. Stupid? Yeah. Tell me about it. 
Did you know why it terrifies me to let you in? Because I am afraid that all this, all the nice and the perfect and the awesome is an elaborate trick.
Because it would be so easy... so fucking easy to fall for you. To be so in love with you. To just... love you. It would be so easy! Too damn easy! Because you are amazing! And there is nothing not to love. Nothing not to want. 
It would take nothing for me to love you. Nothing. It's taken nothing to get you this far. I resisted, I built up walls, and you just teared them down like they were made of paper. I have to remind myself constantly of this. Of how easy it would be. Of how I could let you be on my side of the wall. Of how I could be in love. Of how I could be vulnerable... "

"That's it, isn't it? That's what scares you? Being vulnerable."

"Wouldn't it scare you?" 

"It doesn't."

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