Wednesday, 1 August 2012

On a crazy year

This post I think I'd like to start with a big fat wooooaaaaah 
and then just smile (you can't see it but I am totally smiling as I write this). It's been a hell of a year and probably the most rewarding and most amazing one I've lived thus far. 
A year ago I would have never imagined being in the place I am right now. So much has changed yet change has never felt so good. It's invigorating really, to go back to this same date this same time, a year ago and see where I am now. Everything is different, everything is better. 
And it sort of gives you this huge sense of how life continues even when you think it wont. When everything you hold dear vanishes you can still move on and when you do. Gods. It's awesome. You can feel like everything is dark and grey, for whatever reason, and it might feel like it will stay like that forever but the things is... it's always darkest before dawn. And when dawn comes, it's a new day, a new page and you get to do whatever you want all over again. A fresh start.  And sometimes, even when you don't know it yourself, a fresh start is just what you need. 

I've learned so much this past year. I mean, it sounds corny and I kind of don't want to write it but... I've grown up so much. I've reconnected with some great awesome people who I never want to "disconnect" from again. I've done things I didn't even knew I would be so into doing. I've met and hanged out with amazing, wonderful, incredible people who probably have no idea how important and how much they really mean to me. And how grateful I am for letting me be a part of their lifes. I kind of don't want to say it but I love them. Every single one of them. Because they've all become kind of important to me and they are just unbelievably awesome. And I owe much of this amazing year to them. 
I kind of also want to say names but know none of them would like it so. To those of you who are reading this and know this is about you guys: 
Thank you so so so so much! 
You are all amazing. 

And also, last but not least... thank you, reader, for giving my word vomit a chance. I know it's not the best word vomit out there and yet here you are reading it. 
I've been craving duck lately so expect a duck recipe soon. 

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