Tuesday, 24 July 2012

On Rain and Soup

I don't know about you guys... 
But every time it rains I get this intense craving for either a hot beverage or tomato soup. 

Horrid photo I know, but it was the best one I got before I gave into sin and ate my soup. 

Time for some honesty. 
Ever since I can remember I have hated rainy days. I hated the fact that the sun is being held away from me by hideous grey-black clouds. And the cold --yuck! 
That being said... lately I've been getting a smile on my face every time water starts falling from the sky. I take a nice jumper, pull it over me and every now and again I'll take a look at my mobile. And smile again. 
So really, rain has turned into this kind of privet moment of selfish delight, in which I smile and am blissful for a couple of minutes. Before I realize that it is in fact raining and remember that I actually hate it. So then I'll frown a bit and steal another glance at my mobile and maybe... maybe... crook a sly smile. Again. And let me stress that this is only, you know, maybe it is happening and maybe it is not... 
But let's suppose that it is.
Because there are some people out there who make this sort of thing happen to you. The insignificant fact that they sort of enjoy something makes you sort of enjoy it too. Because, at least in my case, it reminds me of this huge smile said person gets whenever it rains. And yes beloved readers, I happen to really really like that smile.  
Look at me talking about smiles. 
Ridiculously sweet, some of you may think. And just because I love you for reading this I'll say that you are right. It is ridiculously sweet. 

So while I finished my soup and it rained outside and I glanced at my mobile I got this really nice feeling which is why I decided to write this crap about smiles and shit. 
Look at me writing down crap and shit trying to make you think I am in fact not as sweet as you thought. That I have not been bitten by whatever kind of bug that flew in through my bedroom window at night and made me suddenly like rain and think about smiles... 


Smiley face

You know what would make this even more ridiculously sweet? If we played some Dashboard Confessional on the background. I mean, God, here I am talking about rain and smiles and soup... hang on a sec... 


Anyway, hopefully none of you tolerated my word vomit and just scrolled down to this part where I show you the recipe. 

Comfort Tomato Soup 

3-4 ripe tomatoes
1 garlic
1/2 onion 
Olive oil 
Vegetable or Chicken stock
salt and pepper
Red chilli flakes 

Okay, so first you take your veggies and grill them a bit. No oil needed just roast them for a couple of minutes. 
While that is happening, make your stock and add the oregano, basil and chilli flakes. 
Pure your veggies with about a cup of your stock.
Strain. Season and drizzle some olive oil before you sit down and enjoy the hell out of it. 


Smiley face

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