Monday, 23 July 2012

On going red

I have about one word to describe how I feel about my new hair colour. And that is... AWESOME.
I'd been wanting to go red for a while now and last Friday I decided to go for it. 
And it did not disappoint. In fact, it actually made me wonder why the hell hadn't I done it or why I wanted to wait until the end of next fall. 
And as I pondered that question I realized that I do that a lot. Or at least I have been doing that a lot. And how stupid is that? Why wait for everything to happen? Why not just go for it? 
I mean, I am not saying that if tomorrow I get the urge to go fishing I am going to buy a boat and go crazy all the sudden. I mean the whole Carpe Diem concept is great but I'm not about to go insane with it.
But I am going to stop waiting for the time to be right to do things. Sometimes you get opportunities, you get the chance to do something that may or may not increase the amount of awesomeness you have in life and you have to go for it. Because, really... what's life without a little risk? 

Yeah. I got all that from going red. God knows what kind of epiphany I'm going to have
when I go blond... 

Anyway. Lovely as it is to talk to you. I know this is a foodblog and yes there is indeed a recipe included in this post. And yes it is an awesome recipe. And yes it includes the deliciousness that is chocolate.
Ladies and Gents, I give you my take on the Sacher Torte!

So after making this cake in Culinary School and reading a couple (more like a dozen) of other recipes on the internet. I came up with my version of this really piece of art of a cake.

Sacher Torte 


6 eggs
70g flour 
240g butter
200g sugar
225g dark chocolate
200g apricot jam 
100ml whipped cream
180g semi-sweet chocolate

How you do it:

.The cake.

1. Separate the eggs. You want egg whites in a bowl and the yolks in another. 
2. Cream the butter with the sugar.
While it's getting fluffy melt your semi-sweet chocolate. 
Once the butter-sugar mixture is fluffy add, one by one, the yolks. Mix, Mix, Mix again. 
3. Add the melted chocolate to the super fluffy butter-sugar mixture and mix until it comes together nicely. And you end up with this really nice looking chocolate mix.
4. Beat the egg whites until you get soft picks. And add to the super fluffy really delicious looking chocolate-butter-sugar mixture. Now make sure you do this carefully, the whites are the magic thing that's going to make the cake rise. 
5. Bake 40min 250F

.The Dark Chocolate Ganache. 

1. Get your dark chocolate melt it. 
2. Heat up the whipped cream. 
3. Add and whip. 
4. let it sit. 

.The apricot syrup.

1. Apricot jam plus water plus heat. 


1. Wait for your cake to get cold. Cut it in half. Spread the apricot jam on one half. Lift it and put the cake together again. Spread the ganache on top.

now usually... everyone will tell you to wait for it to cool down. But I didn't. I just really wanted to eat. 

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