Sunday, 9 December 2012

On how the last several months have gone...

Woah. Time does move fast... just a second ago I was starting this new blog and then I started college and now I am on my first break from the torture and the assignments and the waking up at 5 am. 
And I wasn't able to post anything this past semester because I was way too busy with trying to keep up with school stuff and with my friends. And trying to get enough sleep in between, which, since you are asking and all, I wasn't exactly successful at accomplishing.  But school is over. YAY. And now that I have gotten enough sleep I've decided to post something yapping about how the last several months have gone in my life. 

And this is all honest here. 

I have had a lot of fun, which is good. I owe most of it to the crazy people in my life that keep me laughing even when I might not feel like it. But also, I owe it to several new crazy girls that appeared last August when the semester started.  At first I was scared, the University I enrolled in is full of preppy kids all of which I dislike tremendously. Almost as much or probably more (I might need to make a deep reflection about this) as I dislike eggs. 
Anyway, I was afraid I would have to hang out with a lot of preppy kids. But it wasn't the case, I got to share my semester with this pretty awesome girls who despite the fact that they are younger --almost 3 years, turned out to be really cool and funny. And though I'll deny it, I kind of care for them. Sometimes, being the oldest and all, I feel like I can share a lot of what they face ahead. Which is what my grandma feels like, I suppose. She has experience and so do I. Not like decades of it but 3 years is a lot when you are leaving the teens and entering adulthood. When you still want the angst but kinda also want to be all mature and shit. It's weird. I'd never felt like that before. Not even with my baby sister but that's probably because that woman is too mature for her age and is a very old spirit. Sometimes I think that it is she who has a lot to teach me. Though this I will also deny should it ever reach her ears. 
But yes! They are fun and sometimes I wish I could mingle them with my other friends but kind of know it would be a disaster. Because they represent two different sides of me. 
The one that is all wild and crazy and does not know what the word consequence means and the side that is a little bit more intelectual and sarcastic. And then there is this other side I've had trouble accepting it. 
The side that I didn't want to deal with for a while. But hey, what can I say? Make plans and life will fuck them up. And yes. Read it once and dare not repeat it again. I am happy my plan got fucked up. I am happy, very happy, to have met someone who makes me feel... awesome. In the entire sense of the word that is used to describe cool and amazing beyond life and space things. Because he does make me feel amazingly cool beyond life life and space things and I love it. Because how awesome it is when you get to hang out with someone like that? Someone who is like woah and makes you feel that very same way too. I mean I didn't want to write about it, specially in my blog, since well... previous experiences on having someone being a huge part on this very personal thing that is this thing I am writing and you, dear reader, may be reading. 
But hey! I have no clear idea of who you might be and shit yet this is me typing my guts out for you, stranger, so you may read them. So if I am going to share my life with you, I might as well share it entirely and completely without holding anything back. So, after this --perhaps unnecessary reflection, yes! My plan of not falling for someone backfired entirely and I am happy about it. 

In other news... one of my cousins who is more than just a cousin and is actually more like a sister. Is happily pregnant :D with a baby girl :D :D :D! 
And she has asked me to bake the cupcakes for her babyshower, so there will be a post of girly babyshower cupcakes sometime around January. I still haven't been able to get my hands on a duck but I am still craving one and still trying to get my hands on one of those. 
There was a Christmas dinner a couple of weeks ago where I cooked for the awesome peeps in my life but there are pictures of the party but none of the food :( as far as I've heard. But it was a nice menu and it was a nice epic kind of evening. And I had little helpers   too ;) 
There was a turkey, a really good turkey named Mikeel. And lasagna, dauphinoise and an apple kind of pie. All really good and nice. 
The turkey was marinated in cranberry and orange juice with nutemeg and orange zest and seasalt. Later we rubbed it with sage butter and stuffed it with clementines and an orange and rosemary :) 
The lasagna's meat was the usual. Garlic with onion chopped with olive oil in pan until onions got whiteish then add the mixture of meat: veal and sirloin. When it was halfway cooked I added tomato sauce and wine. Lots and lots of wine. And then seasoned with salt and pepper. 
Next the dauphinoise... potatoes and onions sliced in thin slices. Then we seasoned them and added a couple of cloves of garlic that had been previously squashed and then we added boiling water to the two containers we were making the potatoes in. Then you tinfoil it and wait for the water to reduce before adding sour cream and cheese and then throwing it into the oven. 

Not bad at all :D

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